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Start Online From Home

UWM has options for new students to start online from home: the Online Option for New International Students and the Online PAGE Program Option for New International Freshmen

Many students can start their degree program online from home.  Online classes are the same courses taught on our campus but taught online.  Some courses require you to be online real-time, and others allow you to complete work at whatever time you are available.  Talk to your advisor to make sure you select courses that will apply toward your degree.

Starting your classes online from home has several benefits:
  • Begin your degree program even if you cannot yet come in-person.
  • Develop relationships with faculty and students in the program as soon as possible.  
  • Shorten the amount of time you have to spend in the US after you arrive in-person.  
  • Study from home, thereby reducing cost-of-living expenses.  
UWM has designated a special rate of tuition for new international students who need to start their classes online from their home country through Fall 2022.  
For UNDERGRADUATE (bachelor’s degree) students: The per-credit hour rate will be $505.70.
For GRADUATE (master’s and PhD) students: The per-credit hour rate will be $1,003.19. 
Important notes about the special rate of tuition:
  • Tuition is charged by the number of credits you register for regardless of credit total. 
  • Due to the significant discount on tuition, scholarships will not apply. 
  • Students admitted to graduate programs (master’s and PhD) in the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business are not eligible for the special tuition rate.  
  • Segregated Fees will not be assessed.
  • There may be additional fees for library services, user fees and differential tuition charges.  
  • Some courses may have different rates published in the Course Schedule, and those rates will supersede the above mentioned per credit hour rates.  
  • All international students will be charged a $100 International Student Fee per semester. 

Students that start their program online from home will not have any status in the US, so online courses will not contribute toward your eligibility for OPT or CPT. 

Declaration to Begin Classes Online:
Click the button below to complete and submit the Declaration to Begin Classes Online; you will need to use your UWM ePanther ID and password to log in.

The PAGE Program includes affordable pre-selected courses chosen to guide you through up to two years of online learning from your home country, with the goal of completing core degree requirements in the first year.  For some majors, major-focused electives are available in the second year.  Check with a PAGE advisor to see if your major is eligible for the second year of this program.  When you arrive in Milwaukee for in-person coursework you will be better prepared to continue to more advanced studies.
Eligibility is strictly limited to students that meet the following criteria:
  • New Freshman
  • Newly admitted to UWM
  • Admitted with full English proficiency (TOEFL 79+, IELTS 6.5+, Native language is English, etc.)
Tuition for the PAGE program is significantly lower than regular tuition: $300 per credit.

UWM will change your enrollment status to “Associate’s Degree,” allowing you to enroll in a pre-selected list of core graduation requirements. Once you decide you’re ready to come to campus in person, you’ll be switched back to a “Bachelor’s Degree” status, and your credits will transfer into your Bachelor’s Degree program.
Please read the PAGE Program FAQ document to learn all the details. 
SUBMIT THIS FORM if you are interested in the PAGE Program for New Freshmen.