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ePantherID, UWM Email, & MFA

Review the information below to better understand your ePantherID, your UWM Email, and the Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication.
Your ePantherID is your login information for the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. It is your UWM email address (, and your login for all UWM sponsored systems.  You need to it access any restricted information, including your class schedule, billing information, and the ISSS Connect portal where you will request your I-20 or DS-2019.
Go to to activate your ePanther ID and establish your password. You need your Campus ID (991-xx-xxxx), which can be found in your admission letter.
Please note your ePantherID may not work to login to any system for about 24 hours after activation.
All important information from UWM about your arrival will be sent to your UWM email address. Be sure to check it frequently. To log in, go to the UWM main website, click on Current Students, and then Office 365. Log in with your ePantherID and password, and open Outlook.
After you are enrolled in classes at UWM, when you log into UWM services (Microsoft 365 or PAWS) you will be prompted to enroll in MFA. Click here to learn more information about MFA and how to set up your authentication. Additional set-up resources can be found here

For the best experience for international students, we strongly recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator AppIf you do not use the app, when you enter the US with your phone you will not have access to the MFA and therefore will not be able to access any UWM system and will have a problem when you enter. 

Please remember to bring your smart devices with you when you are traveling internationally to continue to have access to the MFA app.

If you have any issues with MFA or are unable to successfully log-in please call the UWM Help Desk at +1 414-229-4040 or visit the UWM Help Desk.