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Make a Plan for Quarantine

Make your Quarantine Plan Now if you are not vaccinated, or if you have a vaccine that has not been finalized for approval from the World Health Organization (WHO). UWM follows the CDC recommendations for quarantineTesting info on-campus can be found hereVaccination information can be found here.  

UWM will not monitor your quarantine plan. The Center for International Education (CIE) is available by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm at 414-229-4846. During evening and weekend hours, please contact campus police if your concern cannot wait until normal office hours at 414-229-4627 (non-emergency).

International travelers needing to quarantine must inform University Housing of their need to quarantine as soon as possible via an email sent to .
This email should include:
  • Name
  • 9-digit UWM ID number
  • The date you plan to arrive at University Housing
  • State that you have a specific need to quarantine due to international travel.
This will allow housing staff to make the appropriate housing assignments before your arrival.
If you are already on campus, you need to quarantine, email as soon as possible.
If you will be quarantining off-campus you may wish to stay with family or friends before arriving in Milwaukee. If you plan to quarantine in Milwaukee, please discuss arrangements and expectations with your landlord and roommates.

If you need a specific product, we suggest you bring it with you to use during quarantining, as you will not be able to go shopping (other than online shopping, and your international credit card may not work) for the first week you are in Milwaukee. Check our website for information on what to bring. In addition to Amazon you may want to look for household items to order for delivery from Target and Walmart.
Consider packing the following:
  • Something to keep you occupied and comfortable during quarantine
  • A power adapter (and be sure to bring power cords for all your devices).
    Note: In the U.S., the power plugs and sockets are type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.
  • We strongly suggest that you bring a laptop with you on arrival for use during quarantine.
  • Don't forget: You can start reading the books and other materials required for your classes.

Finances during quarantine:
  • Please plan ahead to consider how you will access your funds while in quarantine.
  • You cannot open a bank account while online (unless you have a U.S. Social Security Number).
  • You can bank where you choose but we recommend the UW Credit Union. They will not require a social security number to open a bank account. We will provide some information for the UW Credit Union during the virtual orientation.
  • Bring some cash. Be sure to carry any cash in your hand luggage, not your checked bags.
  • An alternative to cash: bring a prepaid/preloaded credit card - be sure you know the PIN number.
  • Bring a credit card and make sure it will work in the U.S. Be sure to tell your bank you will be travelling internationally and that they should approve your purchases.

Food during quarantine:
  • You will need to plan on ordering food for delivery while you are quarantining.
  • You can use a food delivery app (Grubhub, Door Dash, or UberEats) or order directly from restaurants who offer their own delivery.
  • You can refer to our International Food Guide for some restaurant options in the local area.

Phone Plans and Data Usage:
  • Refer to the following document as a resource for phone plans and information on data usage: Phone Plans and Data Usage
    Note: This information is valid as of August 6, 2021; information may have changed, so refer to each provider for the most updated information.