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Packing List

UWM University Housing rooms are furnished but do not include basic necessities like bed linens and cookware. Most off-campus apartments will not be furnished.  You should begin thinking about what you will need to bring with you from your home country and what you will purchase when you arrive in Milwaukee.

Items you need to bring:
I-20 (or DS-2019)
Passport with Student Visa
Final transcripts, if you have been admitted on the condition that you provide final transcripts
Proof of I-901 fee payment

Items to pack:
Clothing for warm and cold weather
Credit card
Medical records for existing illnesses, especially allergies
Prescription medicines, as required
Extra pair of contact lenses and/or glasses
The device with your registered MFA app (see the ePantherID, UWM Email, & MFA webpage for more information on MFA)
Items you can purchase after you arrive in Milwaukee:
Pillow, sheets, blankets, towels, and washcloths
Bedspread or comforter
School Supplies 
Non-prescription medicines, aspirin, vitamins, antacids, ointments
Small refrigerator (All residence halls have communal kitchens with a refrigerator and microwave. Cambridge Commons does not allow small refrigerators as one is provided)
Laundry basket or sack
Power strip (must be bought in the U.S.)
Desk Lamp (must have metal shade if you are living in the residence halls or Kenilworth Square Apartments)
Cooking/kitchen supplies