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Arrival Check In

Regular Admission
Upon arrival to UWM all new international students must complete a mandatory SEVIS check in. This process verifies all of your F1 documents and the information ISSS needs to report your arrival in SEVIS. After you have arrived to the U.S., call 414-229-4846 to schedule your check in appointment. Check in must be completed by the start of the term.

During your check in appointment you will need to have the following documents and information ready:
  • Your UWM I-20
  • Your passport with F1 visa and arrival stamp
  • Your current US address
  • A name and phone number for an emergency contact
Conditional Admission
Within 3 days of your arrival in Milwaukee you should complete Arrival Check In at the UWM Intensive English Program (Curtin Hall 672). Please bring your passport and I-20. If you are a sponsored student, please bring your financial guarantee letter. This is Required.